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Marriage Registers of Dublin Parishes

Parish and Period Covered:

Chapelizod ( Church of Ireland) 1812 to 1898
Clondalkin (Church of Ireland) 1732 to 1891
Clondalkin (Roman Catholic) 1778 to 1900
Crumlin (Church of Ireland) 1846 to 1898
Lucan (Church of Ireland) 1845 to 1899
Lucan (Roman Catholic) 1818 to 1900
Palmerstown (Roman Catholic) 1838 to 1858
Rathcoole (Church of Ireland) 1846 to 1898
Rathfarnham (Roman Catholic) 1777 to 1864
Saggart (Roman Catholic) 1832 to 1898
Sandford (Church of Ireland) 1891 to 1900
Sandyford (Roman Catholic) 1823 to 1856
Ss. Michael and John's (Roman Catholic) 1742 to 1783
St. Andrew's (Roman Catholic) 1742 to 1751
St. Andrew's (Roman Catholic) 1799 to 1804
St. Catherine's 1815 to 1827
St. Mary's, Haddington Road (Roman 1798 to 1876
St. Nicholas Without (Church of Ireland) 1807 to 1842
St. Peter's (Church of Ireland) 1840 to 1845
St. Peter's (Church of Ireland) 1813 to 1820
St. Peter's (Church of Ireland) 1823 to 1829
St. Peter's (Church of Ireland) 1836 to 1839


Only a portion of each database entry can be viewed on dublinheritage.ie. The fuller entries can be accessed in the Reading Room, Dublin City Library & Archive, Pearse Street, Dublin. Please note that the amount of information in each entry may vary, mirroring the source material.

Below are examples of what a partial and a full entry in turn may contain;

Sample entry on dublinheritage.ie:

Husband Surname: Bracken
Husband Firstname: Michael
Wife Surname: Bryan
Wife Firstname: Elicia
Date of Marriage: 28/05/1866
Parish: St Marys

Sample (full) entry from Marriage Registers:

Husband: Michael Bracken
Address: Clondalkin
Denomination: RC
Marital Status:
Father: Bracken Michael
Father's Occupation:
Mother: Bracken Bridget
Witness: Fegan William

Wife: Elicia Bryan
Address: Clondalkin
Denomination: RC
Marital Status:
Father: Bryan William
Father's Occupation:
Mother: Bryan Bridget
Witness: Keogh Jane

Date of Marriage: 28/05/1866
Parish: St Marys

Other Comments: [admh] Ballytore, [admw] Dublin, [adsp] Clondalkin 2 callings



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