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Electoral Rolls 1908-12, 1915

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Ancient Freemen of Dublin

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dublinheritage.ie is a resource from Dublin City Public Libraries focusing primarily on databases derived from printed and other historic records related to Dublin city and surrounding administrative areas.

New!! More Records added to Dublin City Electoral Lists

Dublin City Electoral Lists 1908 - 1912, 1915July 2014: Dublin City Electoral Lists 1908 to 1912, 1915 We're delighted to announce that we've digitised another three years of the Dublin City Electoral Lists, and in addition to the years 1908 to 1910, the 139,552 entries for the three years of 1911, 1912 and 1915 are now fully searchable on dublinheritage.ie - a great resource for family history, local history and social history, now containing in total 280,717 records.

The electoral lists are a unique record of Dubliners during the late 19th and early 20th centuries and you can read more about the information they contain on the 'About' page

Dublin City Electoral Lists is a Dublin City Council project. It is part of a wider project to digitise all of the Dublin City Electoral Lists 1898-1916 for inclusion in a forthcoming database connected to literary Dublin and to Centenary Commemorations for 1913-1916. The database is fully-searchable free of charge and can be used for family history, local history and social history.

Right: Prior to digitisation, the Electoral Rolls needed to be rebound. This image shows the Rolls before and after the rebinding process. (Click to view larger image)


This Month's Highlighted Resource!

John T. Gilbert"Alleys, annals and anecdotes: a new look at Gilbert's History of Dublin", an illustrated talk given by Séamas Ó Maitiú, on Thursday 23rd January 2014, at Dublin City Library & Archive. Part of the Annual Sir John T. Gilbert Commemorative Lecture series


Dublin City Archaeological Archive

The Dublin City Archaeological Archive has been established to preserve records from excavations conducted in Dublin City by archaeologists working in the private sector. The Archive is based at Dublin City Library and Archive in Pearse Street..
Access more information about the Dublin City Archaeological Archive


Parish Records

collage of publication coversParish Records. The Database of Baptisms for Dublin Parishes, the Database of Marriages for Dublin Parishes, and the Database of Burials for Dublin Parishes, compiled by the Dublin Heritage Group for Dublin City Public Libraries, have been incorporated into the Irish Genealogy website and form a significant portion of the total records available on this website. Read more...

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